Friday, May 22, 2015


We safely landed in Frankfurt this morning and have had quite the day!

First off, FLYING WAS AWESOME! I loved it!! The food was actually really good and it seemed like it just kept coming, there was an endless choice of movies and shows and games, and the worlds cutest one year old boy sat right in front of me and we kept each other entertained quite well. I did not sleep well at all which was frustrating but expected but hopefully I will just bounce right back and into the new time zone.

Here are my first reactions to Europe/Germany so far:
  1. There is no feeling quite like being in a new place where you can understand no one and cannot read or even pronounce any sign…
  2. There are wonderful people out there who will see you are lost and offer to help… These people rock and I hope I can do that people more often at home.
  3. Europeans are quiet (or Americans are loud). They talk quiet to each other and do not really talk on public transportation.
  4. The style here is nice… I like it.
  5. The Germans here are just so relaxed. They sit around outside and just talk and drink and eat. It seems so calm and easy-going and I like it.
  6. I don't like pigeons.
  7. Everyone seems to know English and really has no problem speaking it here.
  8. Frankfurt made me realize/appreciate the amount of German influence there is in Cincinnati.
  9. Traveling abroad is tiring and jetlag is real…

With that note, it is time for bed for me! (it's 9:30 German time which means 3:30 Cincinnati time) I am shocked I have been able to stay up this long. Tomorrow we venture on the train up to The Netherlands to meet up with our family friends Charlie and Zita for the weekend! 

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