Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pre-departure thoughts

As my hours left in the US dwindle, I decided to finally sit down and cross "starting my travel blog" off my bucket list. So that is what this is.

I leave in a mere 24 hours to embark on this grand journey. It will begin in Frankfort as I traverse through the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and France alongside my parents, concluding my journey with them in Toulouse, France. I will then spend the month of June studying at Ecole Superieure d'Agriculture de Purpan where I will delve into French language, culture, agriculture, and viticulture while also exploring the charms of southern France. When July rolls around, I will be off to intern on a vineyard while staying with a French family and immersing myself fully into their culture and costumes.

This trip will be full of many firsts:

  • first time out of the country
  • first time I can remember being on a plane
  • first french class
  • first time traveling by myself
  • first time meeting anyone else going on this trip
  • first time not spending my summer at the Evendale pool
  • first time with a real internship
  • first time not really celebrating 4th of July "American style"
I have read what seems like every blog and talked to numerous travelers for advice. My bags are [mostly] packed and all the paperwork and planning is complete. All that is left is to hop on the plane and start exploring!

Je suis pret pour cette adventure commence! *

*this was written with the help of google translate.... I have yet to learn more than about 10 words of French. So prayers and luck for learning a means for communication would be greatly appreciated. 

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