Saturday, July 25, 2015

Last week of work

Last week of work. Very bitter sweet because it means I am so close to going home but also my time here is quickly coming to a close. I have has such an amazing experience here and it's just starting to become real that I have to leave soon.

Monday at work I FINISH EMPAMPRAGE!!!!! 80,000 vines, 10 sore fingers, 3 blisters, multiple cuts and scrapes and bug bites and sunburn later, all 20 hectares of vines have been cleaned up! It is quite a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I completed such a big task. It was a lot of hours of labor put into the job and in the end, I ended up somehow finding enjoyment in it. It gave me a lot of time to think. It grew on me and in the end I decided it was okay… but also still happy to be done! Also today, I got stung by a wasp while working in the vines…. I'm not going to tell you where but it’s a very funny story! If you want to hear about it I will tell you when I see you next but I don’t think I can do it justice in writing. Please do ask, it's very funny.

the vines and my trusty tool

With empamprage finished, it left the rest of the week to label a big order that is going to be sent out to Germany. Over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday, I labeled and boxed 508 cased which is 3,048 bottles! Another big job that gives such a feeling of accomplishment when it is finally finished!
the labeling and boxing room

Thursday morning (my last day of work) I worked with Dominique to water all the baby vines which means I got to ride on a tractor which was fun! You normally are not allowed to water the vines but if they are within the first two years and therefor not yet producing fruit, you are allowed to water them so that they can grow.

Wednesday night was my last night at the house and Lousia and I made dinner! We first adventured to the supermarket to pick up all the ingredients we needed and then took over the kitchen and cooked (and danced and sang and jammed to American and German music). We made burritos and banana fosters and it was delicious. It was such a wonderful last night with the family and it is going to be very difficult to leave them tomorrow. I have loved my time here so much.

Louisa and I making dinner

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