Saturday, July 25, 2015

Third week of work

This work week was a short one with the holiday on Tuesday. It was also very typical and full of empamprage and labeling. Nothing out of the ordinary but the heat did break a little bit so that was very nice!

The weekend brought a nice break from the early mornings meaning that I got to sleep in! I read and napped and sat by the pool and relaxed. I also helped out in the tea room Saturday and Sunday. The tea room is so charming and relaxing and I love when Louisa and I get to work in there together and then sometimes sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of Jackie's AMAZING cake! Louisa and I also filled up the time in the tea room this weekend by playing Blockus and word games on paper. It is such a marvelous atmosphere and I know I will really miss that room when I have to leave. Saturday night, Pierre took Louisa and I along to a friend's house for a Bachelorette (think high school graduation) party! It was so much fun to meet more French kids and get to know Louisa more. The French had a lot of fun teaching me French… all the words that I probably should not say! I love every opportunity I have here to meet new people because each and every one of them give me a new insight and teach me something whether big or small.

It is very sad to think that I have to leave this family in less than a week. I am loving it here and I feel right at home! Next Thursday is going to be a sad day. 

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