Monday, June 22, 2015


Today we had our internship presentation where we finally found out where we are going to be spending the month of July. I will be interning at the Chateau-Carbonneau Winery located in Pessac sur Dordogne. This is very close to Bordeaux which is one of the most renown wine regions in the world! My host dad's name is Wilfrid Franc de Ferriere and from what I have been told, he has a wife and children that are around my age. On of his sons actually studies at Purpan (where I am studying now) but I have not met him yet. Their winery and bed & breakfast looks amazing and I am so excited for all the learning I have in store for me working for them. I also found out that there will be another intern there that I will be staying with and she is from Germany! That makes me so excited especially with how much I loved Germany and the people there! I am very eager to meet them and to absorb everything I can in the month to come. Here is their website if any of you are interested in learning more about where I am going to be!

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