Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ma maison pendant un mois!

I have now finished my second day of classes here at el Purpan University and loving it so far! I arrived here Saturday afternoon and after being checked into my apartment, my parents and I went out to explore the city and find dinner. Saturday night I stayed in the apartment for the first night but with only one other roommate there and no wifi or cell service and in a new and very foreign place, it was kind of a scary night. Thankfully I was tired and after I unpacked and laid down, I fell asleep quickly. Sunday brought a day of really exploring the rest of Toulouse with my parents before saying goodbye to them and starting to meet the 50 other people in the program! I cannot thank my parents enough for bringing me over a week early and traveling around. I learned so much in that time and became a lot for comfortable with Europe and the differences in culture. I would probably be a lot more scared now if they had not taken me early.

In my apartment flat I have four other roommates with whom I share a kitchen and living area with. There is another girl from Purdue named Bre who I quickly bonded with and then three guys from Mizzu, Mexico, and Lebanon. It is a very diverse group and we have had some fun times already getting to know each other and making dinner! All of the people here in the program are very fun and I have already been able to make many good friends who I know there are some really fun times ahead with!

Classes for us begin at 8:45 am and go until about 5 with a two hour break in the middle for lunch. Our lunch is served in a restaurant about 15 minutes from our school building and they give us ample amount of food each meal. My first French class was today and our professor only spoke to us in French…. I will have to learn one way or another! I have really enjoyed all the professors I have met so far and I can tell I am going to have fun in classes and learn a lot!

We were given an unlimited tram, metro and bus pass so we are able to really explore the city when we are not in class! I have ventured to the supermarket (where they sell 2 euro bottles of wine that taste amazing) and downtown. We went out Sunday night and found an empty bar where the owner told us he would give us special prices and even offered to play any music we wanted! It was fun to just get out and start bonding with the other students here. The city is beautiful and very lively and fun! I have a feeling I am really going to like it here…

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