Monday, June 22, 2015

Traveling adventures

Well I am writing this post right now while sitting on the train about to take off to Bezier, France. My hands are shaking and my heart is beating at 100 miles per hour. And here is why:

Bre, Lindsey, Morgan, Cooper, Wyatt and I decided a few weeks ago that we were going to spend our free weekend on the Valaras beach near Bezier. We began to book our train tickets and our condo and seemed to run into problem after problem. Last week we all finally got our train tickets settled (which called for me to make the trip out the train station and wait in the long line to buy my tickets in person). After many frustrating failed attempts, we finally reserved an apartment to stay in on Wednesday. We thought we were good to go and were all really looking forward to this relaxing weekend.

Friday we got out of class early and so took that time to pack and prepare before leaving for the train station an hour and 20 min before it was to depart. We thought that would be plenty of time to get there and print the tickets that still needed printed. Little did we know, we were in for a heck of a time in the train station.

It started when we were trying to find where the other 5 could print their pre-bought tickets at. All of the machines that are made for that were not working for them so we had to go and get in the forever long line to have someone behind the desk help us. During this whole process, I went to retrieve my tickets from my bag and to my extreme embarrassment, I didn’t have them. I forgot that I had locked them in a different folder away from my passport traveling case when we went to Barcelona. I was so mad at myself and all I wanted to do was throw up and cry… Why had I not checked to make sure I had my ticket before I left! UGH DARCIE. That is the first thing I should have done. I can tell you that this will be the last time I ever am this careless again. After about 30 seconds of panic, I grabbed a number and joined my friends in the unending line praying that they would be able to reprint my tickets for me.

The minutes were ticking down and our 19h49 departure time was getting closer and closer. With 7 minutes before our departure time, our line of numbers finally were called to the desk. The guy at the deck was one of the kindest I have encountered and immediately sensed my distress and helped to calm me down. He swiftly reprinted my tickets for me and gave me a pep talk that everything was going to be okay. After everyone got their tickets and we raced to our platform, we saw that the train was delayed 5 minutes…. Truly a gift, God is looking out for us. I am starting to calm down now and can now start to get excited for the hopefully relaxing weekend we have in front of us. I know we can all use that especially after that chaos that just occurred. I think its safe to say that we will be at the train station extra extra early for the ride home so this does not happen again.

We are still not sure how we are going to get to the train station to our apartment but hey we will figure it out. Wish us luck…

Here's to learning life lessons! 

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