Monday, June 22, 2015

The calm after the storm

After the crazy time getting there, we had an amazing weekend at the beach! The little town we stayed in reminded us very much of small town beach Florida filled with families which is exactly what we were needing at this point. The apartment we stayed in was very nice and I am pretty sure we were the first people to ever stay there considering all the cooking equipment was still in its wrappers. The owner was also very kind and helpful… he checked on us a few times throughout the day to make sure we were okay and we even got to meet his wife and play with his dog! On Sunday, he also called a cab for us since none of our phone are really usable over here. Saturday we spent the day on the beach after sleeping in for the first time since we have been to Europe really and then we went out to a super yummy sea food dinner! The salmon I had was so good! We then went and got some really fun beach drinks and sat and people watched for a bit. Sunday brought another day of sleeping in and then we decided to make brunch which was amazing considering that is definitely something I really miss from home. We hit the beach again where I swam for a long time even though the water was pretty darn cold but super clear. I also built an awesome sand castle that was basically an exact replica of la la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. All the kids that passed it commented on how cool it was…. Yes I'm 20 and in France and built an awesome sand castle! We called it a day and got ready to leave pretty early so that we could arrive at the train station very early this time to avoid a repeat of Friday…. We arrived more than 2 hours early but just found a little café to have a snack and wait so it was okay. We were all just happy to not be rushed and frazzled like last time. On the way home though, I did sit next to this guy with the worst BO and the air on my car was not working…. It was a very long hour and a half to say the least. But Sunday night around midnight we made it home safely! It was a great and relaxing weekend filled with 9 scoops of ice cream, ocean swimming, and a massive sunburn to remind me of the good times for a few days now…..
salmon dinner Saturday night

Fruity drinks on the beach!

Look at that rocken sand castle!! 

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